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Our Story



"Put Some Respect On Your Skin"

The purpose of my brand is to honor the legacy of my grandmother Annette Morrisseau by thoughtfully crafting products with the best natural ingredients to allow people to adopt a more safe and effective hair and body care routine. 


Owner Personal Journey

I am a proud mother of two who is passionate about God, family, and all things self-care related. As one who has worked in the healthcare field and a variety of other sectors for many years, I finally decided to release fear and listen to where God called me to do. After much prayer and spiritual counsel, I received the confirmation my heart was seeking and decided to step out on purpose.


always made all-natural homemade products using botanical and therapeutic grade essential oils for myself and my children’s hair and skin; however, I didn't know it was my purpose. 

At a fellowship held in my apartment a woman I had just met that evening prophesied 

 "I see you doing skincare”. I chuckled.

 My friend quickly replied, “I hope you are listening, because she is very prophetic.” 

“God is calling you to skincare,” the woman continues. 

I laughed within myself with unbelief like Sarah did when she overheard Jesus told Abraham she would have a child in her old age (Genesis 18: 12-15).

I couldn't even imagine starting another business while struggling to keep up with my previous hair business. 

During the holiday season, just before the pandemic took on full force, I made friends and family face oils & body butter because I didn’t want to leave my home. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, everyone loved the products so much, and told me to go get my LLC to get this skincare business started. 

WE Promise

We are committed to continuing to use botanical infused oils and therapeutic grade essential oils rather than toxic ingredients like phthalates & parabens in our products. 

We do not use any fragrance oils because they are made with unknown ingredients that are likely to irritate sensitive skin. 

Our Goal 

One goal I have that I am still working on is to expand and grow this business and eventually get my products in stores. Create jobs for people in my community.